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What is lasting Happiness and how do we discover it?

You ask anyone you meet what they are looking for and they will probably say they are looking for peace, happiness, money, success, popularity, power, love, acceptance, understanding, fame, or glory . Maybe, if you are a spiritual person, you are looking for transformation, to improve your life, or enlightenment. It seems as though everyone is looking for different things but it is all the same thing. We are all looking for happiness.

What is happiness? Happiness is the realization of oneness, wholeness, completeness and the realization that there is nothing to seek and nothing to become because you already are what you are seeking. If you try to understand this with your mind you won’t but in your heart, if you will listen within, you already know that this is true.

You may be asking, if I already have what I want and I already am what I want then why am I searching for it? The answer is that you can’t see it. Your thoughts are blocking the truth from shining through. We believe every thought  we think is true and that is what blocks the actual truth from being apparent. If we question our thoughts we begin to see that truth is always apparent, always right in front of us, right now. If we believe our thoughts then we will experience life according to what our thoughts tell us is true but if we learn how to question our thoughts instead of blindly believing them, then we will discover the truth and be free from the bondage of limited thinking. Let’s face it, everyone believes that what they think is true but everyone can’t be right when we all believe different things.

We are living in a dream world similar to the dream world that we enter each night when we sleep. Our reality is projected out onto the world from our minds and this is the reality that we experience. Actual reality is buried beneath this illusion of the mind and we can’t see it while we are caught up in the dream. You may not believe that you are caught up in a dream right now but I can guarantee that you are and if you continue on this site I will show you. The fact is you cannot be told that you are dreaming, you must see it for yourself. When you wake up you will be happy because you already are happy. It is your true nature to be happy but while you are dreaming, the nightmare continues.

No matter what it is we think will make us happy it isn’t what we think. Happiness is already within you shining brighter than the sun waiting for you to discover it.

If you are unhappy, anxious, depressed or suffering in anyway you may find the solution to those problem here and now.

Let’s discover happiness together! Join me on the journey of a lifetime through the awakening of consciousness.

What is Happiness?

Discover the real meaning of happiness! Happiness is lasting peace and joy without the suffering the mind produces.

Keys to Happiness!

Discover the keys to happiness! What unlocks the complete experience of being happy? I think you will be surprised to learn the chains that keep you bound to unhappiness and suffering and what will free you.


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